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    Every day, into the classroom to do the work, live the questions, join the conversation, guided by what my kids need to succeed now and later, by what and how they need to learn, to think, to create so they can make a living––and a life.

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    Books, articles, blogs, texts, and tweets, all dedicated to the idea of figuring out what works for me in my class and how it might help you in yours. Get my tweets and blogs for recommendations and resources all aimed at helping you teach well––and be well.

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    During the school year often running from my class to your school or conference to share what I have learned in my classes to help you be more effective in yours. More and more: talking about the Common Core.

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CCSS_Core Companion Cover 9-12

The Common Core Companion: The Standards Decoded

First, let me thank all who have invested their faith in The Common Core Companion––and in me. I initially created this Companion to help me understand and teach to the Common Core State Standards. I am glad I could create a book one classroom teacher insists is “clear, concise, and immediately applicable to [her] classroom…[that takes] the confusion out of CCSS…[and] addresses history, science, and tech.” I am gratified that another reader sees this book as “a can opener to the Common Core [that] helps you open them up and serve them.” I was thrilled to see Carol Jago, who works so closely with the Common Core standards, recognize that this book is "fundamentally different from other Common Core books…and offers readers a user’s guide designed by a teacher who actually uses the standards in his daily work with students."

Please visit englishcompanion.com regularly for additional ideas and information about how to implement the Common Core State Standards and use The Common Core Companion books.

The current 9-12 and 6-8 editions will be joined in the spring by elementary school editions for grades K-2 and 3-5, written by two remarkable educators, Sharon Taberski and Leslie Blauman.
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