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Summer Reading AP Lit 09-10

I thought I would share the summer reading assignment my colleague, Morgan Hallabrin, and I created for the coming year. We have found that pairing books with common ideas works very well, as does pairing a contemporary with a classic book. What is of particular interest to us this year is our new commitment to […]

Letters to a New Teacher: The Homestretch

Dear Jim: What can I hope to accomplish in the time we have left? Dear Joy: Though it seems like there is a lot of time left, there is not: twenty days of actual class if you take out the four days of state testing as lost, the three days for final exams; there are […]

Helping Immigrant Students Succeed

One of the great challenges we face as teachers is that we must do our best to teach every student who comes through the door. Approximately 35% of my students in one class this year have some sort of identified special need; the only question is how I can help them, not whether I will. […]

Breaking My Own Rules

What would you do: You have four kids in your class who have failed and who will come to your class for six more weeks. You like and care about them. Yes, you have tried seemingly everything, talked with the parents, counselors. To some, done way too much! (What's with all this hand-holding? they chide.) […]

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