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Whole New Meaning to “Public School Teacher”

As members of the "Net Generation" (a.k.a. Netgeners) come of age–people roughly 11 through 30, making theirs the largest generation in history—they will have to recognize, if they become teachers, that all that they say or have said on-line is public. Students, parents, and colleagues can–and will–read your blogs, your tweets, your Ning, your wiki, […]

Textual Intelligence

Regarding Writing: From now on we will need to think of writing in these terms: We will all (students included) need to know how to convey the same information and achieve the same rhetorical purpose with 3,000 words, 300, 30, 3, 1–or none, using an image or visual explanation instead. We will all (students included) […]

The Future of Work: Home, School, Society

What if the world changed and we didn't notice? Or we did notice, but failed to realize that turn off back there about a month or a year back was the one we should have taken? The new "Kodak Moment" is not a soft warm nostalgic moment; rather, it's a moment filled with the shock, […]

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