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Teaching With Our Feet

Chinese leader Deng Ziaoping apparently described his policy for running the country as mozhe shitou guo, which means roughly: fording a river by feeling for the stones with your feet. This seems to me an authentic, realistic way to think about each class, each day, each text or lesson we teach. No two classes, no […]

The Wisdom of the Tortoise

We have two California desert tortoises. As pets, they leave a lot to be desired: they are not soft, nor do they cuddle; they can't go on walks, nor can they really play. They do not bark; thus they provide no service to our family. And for months at a time they are gone, having […]

What’s Your (Power) Point?

Lately I have been thinking about how we (and our students will be required to) present information, ideas, and stories for work (or teaching) in the future. Several books have influenced my thinking and creation of slides on this issue: Garr Reynolds' Presentation Zen: Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery, Presentation Zen Design, and […]

Seek the Light

While at a conference last weekend, a very nice new teacher came up to me while I was signing books. She asked me point blank, "What is one thing you would tell a new teacher that will make a difference to them right away, something you know deep down from your years of experience to […]

Peace Corps America

In the mid-1980s I went to Tunisia to teach special education in beautiful city of Bizerte, and a year later, in Menzel Temime, where I would help to create a school in the back of a mosque. We were given nothing and expected to do everything. In Bizerte, where the Mediterranean was never far from […]

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