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A Piece of the Puzzle

A colleague of mine often says, when someone wants to claim responsibility for changing the life of a given student, that "we are all part of the puzzle." At first, I admit, I wanted to resist this. After all, isn't it a more rewarding story to place ourselves at the center of the narrative of […]

“No Offense China”: The Wisdom of a Fourth Grader

Recent cuts and trends called to mind a passionate, wise fourth grader who sent in the following response to a letter to the editor I wrote years ago about cutting funds for libraries. I can't say it any better, nor with any more voice, than this Jonathan, whose letter appeared in my book I Hear […]

Teaching at 70 m.p.h.

All teachers know the best ideas sideswipe you when you least expect it. You are on your way to work, driving along at 70 (I mean, 55!) m.p.h. and hear something on the radio or, in my case, the audio book you are listening to. WHAM! Revelation! AHA Moment! Epiphany! Any parent would want their […]

The beginning of the ends

Between having a son who is a senior and a daughter who is in fifth grade, not to mention teaching seniors in my own classes, I am glimpsing the beginning of many  ends. Today, however, I will share just one small but wonderful moment: reading to my daughter's class for Read Across America Day. Today, […]

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