Archive | June, 2010

It takes time

It takes time to do the things you want to do well.  It takes time to grow the ideas you have into something beautiful. It takes time to make the things you want to make if you want them to be worth the time it took to make them. It takes time to make the […]

Pruned, It Grows

Pruning is a useful concept to think of when it comes to time, energy, attention, and thinking.  Neuroscientists speak about the brain's tendency to prune (yes, they use that word) those nodes and bits of information that go unused so the brain can make more effective and efficient use of its powers and reinforce (i.e., […]

Attention, Please

We only get so many coins of attention; we cannot spend them on everything and hope to end up with anything substantial. We need to go on an attention budget.  Attention is precious; scarcity makes it so. Spend it carefully on what matters most. Everywhere we turn people want it, demand it, beg for it, […]

Difficult Lessons

The school year just ending has taught me several lessons that were difficult but, ultimately, important to learn and have helped me to better understand the nature of our work and the people with whom we work: Do not do your work with the hope or expectation of being thanked or recognized. Instead, find your […]

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