Archive | August, 2010

What sort of character are you?

All day I have been considering and investigating the notion of character for my senior class tomorrow. These literary and academic words often grow stale or empty from overuse. It seems the same word they've heard since third grade. And yet: the notion of character is deep, fascinating, and important. Its etymology traces it back […]

We Must Learn to Be Our Own Best Teachers

Mike Rose, whose classic memoir Lives on the Boundary details his transformation at the hands of an English teacher, sums up the nature of our challenge as teachers these days: “The central issue in education today [is] how to provide a quality education for all students, particularly those who are, in today’s parlance, underprepared or at […]


I had to give myself permission to take the summer off from blogging.  My incoming seniors all need to give themselves permission to learn; they also need to give me permission to teach them, and themselves permission to listen, to admit they are not finished, ready to leave, to come out of the oven.  Only […]

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