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In the News

December 2010: ECN Receives Second Edublog Award The EC Ning earned its second consecutive Edublog Award for Best Use of a Social Network. This is an award for all the people on the EC Ning in recognition of all they contribute to that community and our profession.  Also, the EC Ning crossed the 24,000 member […]

Tools for Teachers

(Note: As I transfer content from to, I cannot promise it will remain available in the future. Content on this page, for example, will change in the future, replaced by a new, more select set of tools.) The various tools on this page offer examples and ideas for how to use such tools […]

2011: Revising Ourselves

I have spent the last few days working long and hard on my next book. In particular, I was thinking about the writing process. This afternoon, working through the section on revision, it occurred to me that nothing so captures this process by which we create ourselves and our lives as the writing process. We […]

An App for the Teacher

In the old days (allegedly), teachers received apples. Now they want apps (to use on their Apple iPhones).  Some years back, I created an online digital anthology for students in my freshman classes. The idea was that we needed functions (color, animation, video, audio) that the cool, quiet, static page could not provide. So I […]

The Weekly Reader: A Digital Anthology

Introduction I created The Weekly Reader as an alternative to paper texts which are static, generally only black-and-white, and often dated. In a world of so many types of text, some of which focus on words while others incorporate a range of media, it seems negligent to offer only the dry pages of an old textbook or […]

Typing is not writing

That book, article, or poem you want to write—you know, the one you keep thinking about, keep rolling around in your mind like a candy on the tongue? So long as you are tasting and testing it, chewing it, ruminating on it, you are writing.  Less and less of my writing seems to take place […]

Telling Your Life Stories

The other day, while working on this website, I revised my biographical details. But it felt inadequate to describe myself by what I have written, where I teach, any awards I may have been fortunate enough to receive.  So I decided to write three different biographies (okay, to be more precise, autobiographies): my educational autobiography, […]

Students’ Search for Meaning

For the last few days, I have been reading Victor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, a book based on his experiences in Auschwitz. As a psychologist, he sought to understand what it was that allowed survivors to endure what others could not.  In his introduction to the book, rabbi Harold Kushner begins by quoting Nietzsche […]


Instead of the predictable (and sometimes necessary) author biography, I thought I would offer a few different views in an attempt to capture some other aspects of myself than those you will find in the author bio near the end of this page: Educational Biography What I remember most about grades K-9 is moving. Not […]

The United States of Complexity

I spoke with a teacher this semester who had four Latino boys, all in her reading class, all freshmen, all showing evident potential for success. And all four left at different junctures throughout the semester. Each for different reasons. Some involved family and work opportunities. Others involved more private but no less urgent reasons. There […]

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