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Senior Moments: Permission

As I watch the seniors in my class and at home, the young seniors and the elders, and consider my own place on that continuum, one word comes to mind again and again: permission.  We cannot reach or teach those in our care, whether older or much younger, if they will not give us permission […]

Senior Moments: The Work of Men

During my senior/18th year growing up in Sacramento, I pumped gas, washed cars, parked cars, waxed and rented skis, photographed properties for my uncle's real estate business and girls at my high school who needed photos for their modeling portfolios, and, as mentioned in a recent blog, collated-folded-sorted-stuffed papers in the bindery at a printing […]

Senior Moments: What Do Seniors Want?

An article in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Millennial Generation (which includes current high school seniors) would rather have a cell phone than a car.  When I was a senior in 1979, I wanted a car the way today's kids apparently want a cell phone.  Then I thought about Ann, who would have […]

Senior Moments: Where the Past, Present, and Future Meet

Friday night and most of Saturday morning, I read the essays my seniors wrote on the theme of separate worlds. Yet all weekend I could only think how impossibly connected these worlds we live in and move through are. This morning Ann sat in a chair at a bend in the Russian River where as […]

Senior Moments: Separate Worlds

The summer reading assignment for one of my senior classes (AP Lit) was to find two books that somehow explored the idea of separate worlds.  This turned out to be a much better assignment than I even realized as seniors are, by virtue of their status, living on or moving toward the border between one […]

Senior Moments: Reaching Out

The opening minutes, hours, days of any class are crucial for the teacher, but also the student. Thanks to the frequent use of school management platforms like Schoolloop, this window of opportunity extends to the days before school even starts now.  So what was my very first move for my seniors this year? To reach […]

Senior Moments

So I will be teaching all seniors and have a son who is a senior this year. I like to think at the beginning of each year about something to pay attention to, perhaps take notes on or otherwise observe.  Would like to focus my blog primarily on the story of this year, these kids, […]

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