A note to all

IMG_1812 I know: I have not written for some time. I forget how punishing the pace of the first two months is. I felt the need to make contact, to assure you I have not given up on the blog, but to say that my teaching always comes first (well, after my family). Here you see me working with my freshman class the other day. Everything else, this blog, the books, the English Companion Ning–it all grows out of this daily work of teaching. I have not taken a day off yet this year: How can I? I am too excited about the work, having too much fun with the kids. I promise to write soon. I am finishing up the last of the big projects–correcting the editor's suggestions on my next Heinemann book, due out next spring–and see promise of more time in the coming weeks. Until then, it's teaching, heading to Texas the next two weeks for talks, and enjoying every minute I can find with my wonderful wife and three children, two of whom somehow became taller than I in the last year when I wasn't looking.

One Response to “A note to all”

  1. Kathleen Jensen October 8, 2009 at 5:44 am

    I remember Jerome Groopman writing about installing a fence around his ambition to maintain priorities. This was a metaphor I liked. We English teachers look forward to reading your blog, Jim, and we also respect the fences and priorities you have established! Thanks for the example in prioritizing family and teaching.

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