National Standards Are Coming

By the end of President Obama's first term we will have national standards for the core academic subjects. The rationale for this is best summed up in a recent Washington Post op/ed by AFT president Randi Weingarten who wrote: "From my office in Washington, I can see beyond the Capitol to Virginia. I can ride […]

The Attention Economy

At NCTE this year I heard repeatedly from new and younger teachers that they wanted shorter books broken up into smaller chunks. What they were really saying is what we all feel: competition for our attention has dramatically increased. In his new book Jump Point, Tom Hayes says our attention is the most precious and […]

How would you like that book, Ma’am?

The box of notecards for the fourth edition of English Teacher's Companion has as many notes about the design, form, and function of the book itself as it does notes for actual content of the book. By the time this next (actually it will be an entirely new version, not just a revision) book comes, […]

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