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Fundamentally different from other Common Core books, The Common Core Companion is a user’s guide designed by a teacher who actually uses the standards in his daily work with students.

I love what Jim Burke has done to make the Standards less threatening and more useful for teachers. In particular, the indicators for what students and teachers should be doing, given the Standard, are extremely helpful.

Finally a Common Core book designed with the classroom teacher in mind. The Common Core Companion organizes the standards in a meaningful and useful way. This book provides teachers with a tool to refocus and keep their best practices while helping them to identify those areas of instruction where shifts need to occur. The English Learner feature and the differentiation of the anchor standards between content areas are especially helpful for all teachers, not just those in the English classroom.

I am impressed with this book! It clearly depicts the alignment/integration of Common Core Language arts standards in reading, science/technical subjects, speaking/listening and writing.  Many clear examples, including several involving technology are included.  The format and layout clearly shows the cross-disciplinary nature of CCS.  The easy-to-read bulleted text and generous note-taking spaces are a plus. I shared the book with a social studies teacher/future media specialist. She instantly saw its potential as a tool for her own teaching and as a PLC leader.

I examine many books as a reviewer for LMC magazine; this one stands out! Debbie Abilock said Burke’s a pro – his teaching strategies and student-focused instructions are a proactive, intelligent approach to synthesizing and integrating information while avoiding plagiarism.

Jim Burke creates the missing Common Core manual…. Planning definitely becomes easier for teams, as teachers look across to the right-hand page titled “What the Student Does.” Here is the plain English version of those grade-specific standards.  Teachers will find suggested comprehension questions for each standard designed to move students to a deeper understanding of text.  What a benefit to those teachers who may be unsure what literacy instruction is.

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