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TBD: Further Inquiries into Effective Questions

by Jim Burke The previous post about “Teaching by Design” (TBD) and its connection to developing more effective questions continues to fascinate me this week. Here are some additional questions to share as I keep tweaking and trying them out with the class as both close reading and class discussion questions. Will continue to share […]

Teaching by Design (TBD): Asking Better Questions

by Jim Burke What we put in students’ hands in class is the point of greatest influence: it tells them what to do or what we expect them to know. I have written before about Webb’s Depth of Knowledge model and what I called the A-List vocabulary on previous blogs. Asking questions is its own […]

Teaching for the 21st Century?

In recent posts I have mentioned reports like Tough Choices of Tough Times and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, both of which I respect, though I don't always agree with everything. I think the verbs of your lesson say a lot about what is going on. I will write some other time about the […]

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