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Beginning to Review, Revise, and Revisit

I am beginning the slow and deliberate process of updating and refining the website after having neglected it for the last few years. The demands of teaching and writing the last three years have knocked me off course, but things are settling into place and it is now time to circle back around and clean […]

Document Design: Show Them What Success Looks Like

I will be blogging periodically about something that has long been an emphasis and interest of mine: the importance of designing documents that make clear what we want and, in the process, improve our instruction by making us more consistent. To some degree, this new emphasis stems from workshops I did around such design concepts […]

Designing Better Lessons?

I haven’t much time to discuss the image below but wanted to share something I am doing this first week, which I cannot yet promise to keep up but is showing promising benefits for me and those with whom I collaborate at school. I wanted to create a lesson plan template online that I could […]

What’s in Your Syllabus?

I have been thinking carefully about my own syllabus for my Senior English class this year after looking at those of other teachers. Some teachers’ syllabi run as long as six pages, which is a lot of paper. The question is what one wants to and can accomplish through such a document. I want to […]

Freedom From Fear

When I wrote and posted my recent blog in response to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, I could not imagine that I would, only hours later, that Sunday evening, while preparing my lessons for Monday's classes, receive an automated all-call from my principal informing us about the events described here: When […]

The Monsters in Our Midst

Last week, prior to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, as part of our discussion of Dr. Frankenstein's "wretch," his "monster," we discussed what I called the "inflection point," that point in the trajectory of the story when everything changes.  My seniors gathered quickly into small groups and began discussing whether the inflection point occured at […]

2011 Edublog Award Recommendations

It is that time of year to reflect on whose online work or which digital tools have helped me or the profession the most in the last year. The Edublog Awards are especially meaningful and important as they come from the community of users who get the chance to say which people or services help […]

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