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You can reach me at Be sure to make the subject of your inquiry as clear as possible in the subject line of your email. If I do not respond, please do not take it personally: I cannot possibly keep up with email while writing and teaching at the same time. If your inquiry is business-related, please make that clear in the subject header for your email and see the information below about speaking.

Inquiries About Speaking or Workshops

Two of my publishers, Heinemann and Corwin, offer speaking services. They can answer any questions about having me speak at your conference, district, or school. Because I cannot travel much during the school year, some have arranged with Heinemann for online consultations with a group of teachers from their school or a department about one of my books or a topic they are discussing. Both companies are wonderful and I cannot recommend one over another as I work with both of them. My suggestion is to contact the publisher you know best or which represents the book about which you want me to speak.

Heinemann Speakers
Phone: 800.541.2086
Fax: 800.354.2004
Email: Michelle Flynn

Corwin Speakers
Phone: 800-233-9936
Fax: 800-417-2466
Email: Mayan McDermott

If you are not sure what to do, just email me at and I will gladly help you.

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burke_ec_image-12Jim Burke teaches English at Burlingame High School and is the author of over 25 books. His most recent book is The Common Core Companion: What They Say • What They Mean • How to Teach Them (Corwin).

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