Escape to Walden

The dance of it all can catch you off guard and knock you down as it has me the last few days. A cold. A sudden swarm of obligations. The demands of The Work. A whole day lost to being stranded in the airport, though grateful for the time to read, to think. A thing or two at school that steal a bit of the wind from your sails for a day or two.

Walden, while a pond and the site of H. D.'s cabin, is a state of mind, a place we need to keep to ourselves and escape to, even if just for a spell after dinner or for a day. You go there without leaving here, because you can't go, but must. So I went into the garden and mucked for an hour, sauntered to the cafe for another, enjoyed an evening out with my wife, cooked hot dogs for the girls' party on Sunday.

All this so I can return tonight, whole, healed, healthy and ready with all my heart to return to The Work, to The Life we have chosen and been allowed to live.


3 Responses to “Escape to Walden”

  1. So very true, and healthy. Our 3 snow days have been very helpful!

  2. While reading this blog post, I can’t help but think of Carson McCuller’s The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I just finished reading it and one major theme is that each individual needs an “inside room” in which to keep memories, dreams, and a unique identity alive. It is this “inside room” that you write about here: “a place we need to keep to ourselves and escape to, even if just for a spell after dinner or for a day.” I completely agree. Thank you again, for a thoughtful, reflective post.

  3. On the East Coast, we’re dealing with a second snowstorm, a “blizzard,” according to the weather folks. Walden, covered with snow, resides out my window into the yard this past week with school cancelled and more days off to surely come. The question becomes: how does one put back the pieces, or bring them back together, to renew the trek up the school year’s mountain without even meeting with some classes since winter break!?!

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