Hi-Tech on Low Tech Budget

I love technology as much as anyone. We all work within time constraints; for example, I get fifty-one minutes a period (43 on Wednesdays). Going to the computer lab, powering up, logging on—it all takes time.

Often at the heart of using computers is a way of working or thinking which, when done on the computer, looks better but is not more cognitively demanding than the same work done on paper.

Today we created a "Whiteboard Wiki" across two periods of senior AP Lit students.I set up the categories ahead of time, using the same set up/format as appears on Wikipedia. They had read passages from Nietzsche to prepare them for a discussion on the concept of the Superman in Crime and Punishment.

Groups generated and then posted ideas for the categories I created.


When the next period came in, instead of erasing it and starting
anew, we used the wiki way of collaborating on content and kept adding
to it (as the third image below shows).

Then we used these "entries" on our whiteboard wiki as the basis for a ripping discussion, which we will continue tomorrow.



High-tech thinking for pennies with maximum use of time. That's my idea of a good (instructional) time.

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2 Responses to “Hi-Tech on Low Tech Budget”

  1. I really like this! As much as I enjoy technology, sometimes I feel like people advocate for using it simply because it exists, not because it’s better! And it DOES waste extra time to go to the computer lab if it’s not really necessary.
    Last semester I took a Tech in the Classroom class, and argued with at least half of what we were taught, even though I was more tech savvy than most of my classmates.
    Good thinking!

  2. I think I’ll be trying this with my college skills classes. Great idea!

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