Less Noise, More Signal

On the radio there is noise (static, hiss, garble we can't understand) and signal (clear voices saying or singing what we want to hear). Noise is bad; signal is good, useful, event pleasant.

The same concept applies to our life and our teaching. Listen in closely to it all: what is noise and what is signal in your life, your classroom? Ask yourself how to dial it in better, what to toss in the quest for more signal, less noise.

In our lives, when we try to do it all, there is inevitably too much noise; we can suffer from distraction, what some call "hurry sickness." Our head (and often our heart) is filed with noise. Everything is seen through a lens that seems not quite focused.

When we try to do less, we have a stronger signal. Instead of living life like you are on the Scan button of your radio, skimming past one channel after another, complete with the noise in between, choose one station for a bit and live there, even if that means only for five minutes or an hour.

Live with less noise, more signal: you'll be happier and healthier in the class and at home.

One Response to “Less Noise, More Signal”

  1. That’s twice this week where your concise, clear advice has helped reduce my stress and focus my agenda!

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