The ODONO model derives from many different sources, experiences, and traditions, but its genesis was the work of Walter Breuggemann. In Praying the Psalms, he sorted the psalms into three categories: psalms of orientation, disorientation, and new orientation. It was a concept I immediately adopted and have since adapted for many years, refining and revising it as I use it in my classes as one among many ways to examine literature, learning, and life. It begins with Orientation at the top and then moves left, through various stages, some of which last longer than others, some of which we must return to for different reasons, as we move through the cycle toward the frail wisdom that will be–inevitably, necessarily–interrupted yet again. Though there is a forward movement, stages we all recognize from our own experience, the ODONO cycle is not linear but recurrsive. We also, as we all realize, are moving within many such cycles at any given time, some more profound or distuptive than others. Deepest thanks to Steve Peha for his contributions to the latest version of the model.

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