Because I still teach every day at Burlingame High School, I speak from a very practical place grounded in the reality of the kids we are trying to reach. This daily practical experience is seasoned with all I learn from reading and writing about what I call the “Academic Essentials.” These “Essentials” echo the Common Core State Standards and the work of those, such as David Conley and Mike Rose, who have influenced my own work. Instead of listing a menu of set workshops, I would rather hear what you want and work to create a learning experience designed with your school, district, or conference in mind. In addition to providing professional development workshops, I give keynote addresses at different venues throughout the year and periodically arrange to work with teachers or departments online. I am also asked from time to time to consult for agencies, organizations, companies, and schools about issues related to curriculum, technology, and literacy.

For more information or to arrange for me to present at your event, please visit the Contact Me page.

Handouts from Workshops and Presentations


Additional Resources and Readings

Will soon include a list of linked resources and readings commonly discussed in workshops.

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