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Living the Conversation

Rilke wrote of "living the questions," in his Letters to a Young Poet, a book I've always treasured (and which served as inspiration for my book Letters to a New Teacher). As something of a follow up to yesterday's blog about complexity, I want to suggest we try "living the conversation" within the profession and […]

What Donald Trump and Albert Einstein Can Teach Us

Albert Einstein was, among his many roles, a philosopher. His book of opinions is freighted with ideas about learning, education, and life. I have just finished my next book, whose working title was Teaching with Questions. Heinemann will bring this book out in the spring of 2010. I spent the last two years writing the […]

The Virtual Classroom

The latest Education Week features an article about the growing interest in virtual education as an economic solution to the mounting costs for "bricks and mortar" education. Instead of a long scream for or against this (at least partially) inevitable reality, I will ask us only to consider this question: What do we do that […]

Manageable Chaos

Some years ago a friend of mine opened a restaurant here in San Francisco. He had a big reputation and it immediately took off (especially after Tom Cruise ate there while in town one night!). The hours were so intense, though: all that prep work and hustle to serve. (Sound familiar?) As we watched our […]

Teacher as Student

The poet Theodore Roethke reportedly told his students that their grade was based not only on what they learned from him but how much he learned from them. The notion was that if you sit in my class for a semester and say or do nothing that gives me any insight into myself, my discipline, […]

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

We want kids to feel safe in our classes so we can make them feel uncomfortable in productive (instructional) ways. This is called "getting them outside their comfort zones." If we are comfortable with where we are, we are not growing, and thus not learning. Kids don't come to school to learn what they already […]

Hi-Tech on Low Tech Budget

I love technology as much as anyone. We all work within time constraints; for example, I get fifty-one minutes a period (43 on Wednesdays). Going to the computer lab, powering up, logging on—it all takes time. Often at the heart of using computers is a way of working or thinking which, when done on the […]

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