Talkin’ ’bout your generation (again)

I have written about the different generations, summarizing the key differences in the table below by way of understanding better who we teach so we can figure out how to teach them. The Pew Center just came out with an important new report titled "The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change." Everyone should check it out; as one of the largest–some say THE largest–generations in our nation's history, they will profoundly influence our society, institutions, and instruction in the years to come. I will read the entire report in the week ahead, eager to incorporate any new ideas into the table below, which I made only about six months ago.

Burke_Generational Differences Table

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4 Responses to “Talkin’ ’bout your generation (again)”

  1. I took the Pew Center “How Millenial Are You” Quiz & scored a 50. Not surprising given my use & affinity of/with technology. However, my attitudes and cultural identifiers in many ways are SO Gen X. I’m on the cusp (late 70s), so it makes sense I have some overlap. I’m noticing lately that my “hands off” tendencies are clashing w/ my students’ need for teamwork. I hated group work, but need to get over that for their sake. *sigh*

  2. aaron johnson February 25, 2010 at 9:31 am

    I hope you have seen this Jim. This girl will not accept the fact that her generation is being labeled “the lost generation”

  3. Jim,
    The chart is fabulous. Please repost it when you have made adjustments next week!
    I will share this with our school district, giving you the proper credit.

  4. Interesting chart, and I fit right in it. I’ve been doing more group work and they love it. We all should concentrate on tapping the service aspect of this generation.

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