We Have Mice

Mice_5638 Okay, so we live in an old house, one that has been in my wife's family since about 1918 here in San Francisco. When it gets cold outside, mice try to come inside. They are a nuisance. Even a source of fear and disgust for some in the house. But they are an inevitable part of the environment in which we live.

You never know when one will shoot across the floor and disappear behind the cabinet. They are little fury surprises waiting to burst onto the scene. Despite the fact that we are, oh…about three hundred times larger than they are, we somehow freak out about mice. Yes, yes, I know: they carry unpleasant stuff.

What's my point? There are these random things that constantly spring out of nowhere at school and threaten the order we seek to create in our classes. I can catch or ignore the mice; I cannot prevent them from getting inside, just as I cannot prevent random surprises at school from scurrying into my room and chasing the cheese of my time in class.

So I catch what I can, ignore what I can't, and focus as I am able on the fun we had today while freshmen began giving speeches that scared them far more than any mouse ever will and seniors dug down into the big ideas of Africa as we discussed Conrad's dark Heart.

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