Starting in 2013, I began working with W. W. Norton on a high school edition and Teacher’s Companion to accompany Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein’s They Say/I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing. Upon completing that project, Jenna Bookin Barry, Director of High School Publishing, invited me to create what would become Uncharted Territory: A High School Reader (2017). The books I write for Norton are all designed for students (as opposed to my professional books written for teachers wanting to improve their instructional practices).


In 1997, then-Heinemann editor Lois Bridges invited me to write The English Teacher’s Companion, a book now in its 4th edition. The first edition grew out of my own learning and the struggles of a student teacher with whom I was working at that time. As of 2017, I am at work on my 16th book for Heinemann, with plans and hopes to write many more in the years ahead.


Soon after the release of the Common Core State Standards, I designed an annotated version of the standards documents themselves in an effort to better understand and use them myself. Since I am still in the classroom, I tend to focus on how to do what my school, district, or programs such as Advanced Placement require. In 2012, Lisa Luedeke launched Corwin Literacy and encouraged me to create what has grown into the Common Core Companion line of books for all grade levels and subjects. You can learn more about the books I have written for Corwin here.