The New English Companion website

I really liked the lush look of my website, the new design I had someone develop for me a few years ago. But if it takes time away from my writing and teaching to maintain it, it’s too high a price. I have been working on this new simpler design for the last couple months and have it ready enough to run with it. No doubt there are kinks, but I will work them out.

I like having a space I can post to as often and easily as I want, despite the other demands. Actually, I have been writing these short, somewhat personal multimedia blogs/essays (blessays?) through Facebook for the last few months, but I will begin to shift back over to the blog here now that I have this site ready to go.

For now, I won’t be making comments possible as that would suggest I had time to respond. For now, I need to be focused on the book I am writing for Heinemann and doing all I can to help launch Uncharted Territory (W. W. Norton) and support the upcoming launch of Your Literacy Standards Companion and their ongoing support of the Common Core Companion Series (Corwin Literacy).